Before the advent of digital photography and of the ubiqutous digital printing, photographs were printed by hand; enlarged most recently and earlier on contact printed using what we now call historical methods onto a variety of sensitized surfaces. Today, after years of domination of digital photography, old photographic processes are triumphantly returning to favour with artists and collectors of art. This is happening on one hand because of the unparallelled permanence of the print that can easily exceed a hundred years. on the other on account of their magical appearance and the manual process of creation, the author’s magical touch on the unique print. After years they have become the antidote to the mechanical, mass produced nature of the surrounding world and popular culture. They offer uniqueness and class becoming a perfect reflection of the owner’s sophisticated taste.

Why hadn printed images are worth choosing.

  1. First of all, buying a handmade print we own the original creation of the photographer, a unique print or one that comes from a very limited series. It is worth mentioning that some of the old processes make creating two identical prints virtually impossible making every single print in a series unique.
  2. You eliminate the danger of seeing the same print in your neighbour’s dining room. The vast majority of prints we offer are made in series no longer than 30 . The number of each print and the length of the series are indicated on the back of each print.
  3. Handmade prints can be distinguished from mass produced digital images at first sight thus highlighting your good taste and sophistication. They will also make and excellent goft for someone of equally sophisticated taste that will add prestige to an office or flat.
  4. Hand printed respecting the rules of archival processing the prints are characterized by excellent permanence exceeding 100 years. Unique, perfmanent, they will not only not lose their value but quite on the contrary; existing in a very limited number of copies, numbered and signed their value may easily increase.