Photographer and curator, member of Polish Association of Artist Photographers. As a photographer she specializes in portraiture and fashion photography though she also enjoys other subjects such as landscape, document and staged photography. She is fascinated by film photography and historical photographic processes such as the albumen print and wetplate collodion. She has shown her work in individual and group exhibitions and teaches portraiture and fashion photography in the TriCity School of Photography in Gdynia.

As a curator she has prepared nearly a hundred exhibitions shown, among others in The Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, Gallery “Zamek” in Lubin, Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, Museum, Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie and in The National Museum in Gdańsk. She is also the commissioner of the “Then and Now” photographic competition devoted to the modern use of historical photographic processes. It is she we owe the current appearance of our gallery as well as the final choice of images to.