We are open to cooperation with artists who use manual printing processes in their work and who are willing to use our assistance in exhibiting and selling their work.

What we expect from artists we represent

  1. Excellent artistic levels of the work offered. We are pleased to see coherent sets exploring photographic subjects of the artist’s choice.
  2. Technical excellence in printing. All the photographs offered in our gallery are printed to the highest archival standards using the best materials and careful processing. We expect all artists cooperating with us to meet these standards.
  3. Careful preparation of the prints for exhibition and sale using methods that don’t compromise their archival permanence. At and extra charge we can offer assistance in matting the prints.
  4. We reserve the right to reject any of the work offered as well as to take paper samples in order to confirm the correct processing. We also reserve the right to accept only selected work from longer sets or series.
  5. The gallery commission is negotiated individually prior to accepting prints for sale.