We offer a wide sellection of archival, limited edition photographic prints. All the photographs sold in our gallery meet the following criteria:

  • they were hand printed by the authors. All the prints in our gallery were made using traditional photographic processes in a way that quarantees uniqueness and permanence.
  • They were made with strict observance of standards of archival processing using high quality materials such as pure alpha celulose papers or fibre based photographic papers. This guarantees permanence that will easily exceed a century.
  • They come from limited runs so that the buyer has a guarantee he owns a unique piece of art rather than a mass produced object.
  • They are numbered and signed in accordance with standards used in collecting photography so that the buyer can feel sure he or she owns an original work of art.
  • They are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity printed on archival paper and issued by the gallery.
  • They are ready for display, matted and framed.